12 Nasty, Dirty TX Abortion Clinics to Close Thanks to New Pro-Life Law

Abortion Restrictions Texas
Despite the best efforts by the far left it looks like several dirty abortion clinics will be forced to close in Texas.

Twelve nasty filthy abortion clinics are set to close in Texas thanks to a new pro-life law.
LifeNews reported:

Now that a federal appeals court has allowed a new pro-life law in Texas to take effect, as many as 12 abortion clinics are slated to temporarily close because they can’t comply with the law’s requirements to protect women’s health from dangerous abortions.

The law requires abortion practitioners to have admitting privileges at a local hospital within 30 miles of the location of the abortion clinic to be able to transport women quickly and easily in medical emergencies when they are injured by botched abortions. As many as 12 abortion clinics across the state can’t comply with that requirement that is expected of legitimate medical centers.

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