Washington TV News Crew Maced and Punched By Unhinged Woman (Video)

A TV news crew was punched and maced by an unhinged woman this morning in Washington DC.

They went to the address to cover a story on hostages and ended up being maced and punched by the woman.

That’s some kind of crazy.

Mediaite reported:


While approaching a home where hostages had been taken the night before, a news crew from Washington D.C.’s WUSA9 were attacked by an unidentified woman.

Camerawoman Danielle Gill and reporter Bruce Johnson were on-scene, standing on the sidewalk immediately in front of a home that had been invaded the night before. While talking to a mailman, a young woman appeared in the window above to shout at the crew to get away.

After Johnson replied that they were on a public sidewalk, the woman comes out of the house shouting profanities at the crew and threatening to get violent.

She eventually sprays mace in the crew’s direction before throwing and landing several punches at both the camerawoman and the reporter.

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