Shutdown Bullies: Football Games Under Threat

The U.S. Air Force Academy football team has played the Naval Academy every year since 1972. In 1976, when a government shutdown was caused by a Democratic-controlled Congress and a Republican was in the White House, the game was played.

Not this year.

(photo: The Washington Times)

ESPN reports:

Air Force associate athletic director Troy Garnhart said travel for his sports teams was being halted — including for Saturday’s football game at Annapolis, Md. A scheduled news conference with Air Force football coach Troy Calhoun and players was canceled Tuesday “due to the government shutdown,” according to a statement.

Ironically, the football teams at the U.S. military academies play for the “Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy.” Now we see what kind of Commander-in-Chief this President really is: Nothing more than a bully.


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