Shirley Sherrod Is Still Hating Breitbart

Yesterday, news broke that Shirley Sherrod has decided to amend her lawsuit against the late Andrew Breitbart to specifically name Andrew’s widow and mother of four, Susie Bean Breitbart.

In the course of producing Hating Breitbart, I traveled across the country with Andrew for over two years – and these weren’t two human years. They were political media dog years during which both ACORN and Congressman Anthony Weiner collapsed.

Hating Breitbart witnesses so-called civil rights leaders exposed as simple race libelers when Breitbart posted a $100,000 bounty on any evidence to back up their claims that racial slurs were directed at Black lawmakers by the Tea Party. The bounty still stands unclaimed.


Another chapter in the progressive hate affair with Breitbart included the NAACP officially accusing the Tea Party of racism, based entirely on the previously debunked claims by the aforementioned civil rights race libelers.

This is where Shirley Sherrod entered Andrew Breitbart’s life, and now death.

Andrew wanted to expose that the NAACP consisted of a bunch of race-obsessed hypocrites who instinctively applaud racism and bigotry at their own events.

Andrew understood that the NAACP was throwing rocks from inside a glass house, so he picked up one of those rocks and threw it back twice as hard. That rock was Shirley Sherrod and the damage was devastating.

I won’t rehash all the details of the saga that unfolded here. We cover the NAACP-Sherrod story at length in the film and I encourage you to see it so you can understand why Breitbart used Sherrod to expose the NAACP. But that’s not the point of this piece.

The point of this piece is that one of the people you won’t see in Hating Breitbart, the story about Andrew Breitbart, is Susie Bean Breitbart. You also won’t see his four young children. Why? Because Andrew was extremely protective of them. Andrew did all he could to shield his family from the spotlight he was so adept at drawing to himself and the vital stories he was promoting.

Breitbart understood that the Left had whipped up the frenzy of unhinged hatred against him as a tactic to discredit his work. It’s a tactic that works well for political extremists, but it also carries collateral damage in the way of stalkers and death threats.

Because of this, Andrew’s immediate family was one of only two no-go zones for our filming, the other being his involvement with the Drudge Report.

Susie Bean Breitbart and her four young children had nothing to do with Shirley Sherrod, or the NAACP, or ACORN, or any of the other stories that Andrew exposed.

Despite this, Sherrod has decided to sue them in place of their deceased husband/father.

Ironically, by naming Andrew’s widow as a defendant in her case against the deceased Breitbart, Sherrod exposes herself as a very spiteful woman who is perfectly willing to destroy innocent women and children if it serves her lust for vengeance. One would think that this is the last thing St. Shirley would want to convey, as it confirms the very point of Andrew’s post about her hatefulness and bigotry.

As Andrew wrote in his original post:

Sherrod’s racist tale is received by the NAACP audience with nodding approval and murmurs of recognition and agreement. Hardly the behavior of the group now holding itself up as the supreme judge of another groups’ racial tolerance.

Go back and watch the full tape and you will see that Andrew’s statement is unimpeachably true. Sherrod says some very bigoted things which are met with overt audience approval.

Now, Sherrod is once again weaving a very hateful and shameful tale.  And once again, her audience of the Progressive and compassionate Left are in complete approval.

Andrew wouldn’t have been surprised, and neither should you.

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Posted from 30,000 ft, just the way Andrew would have wanted.

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