Rush Limbaugh: Republicans Demonstrate No Strategy or Desire to Win at Sebelius Hearing (Audio)

Rush Limbaugh tore into Republican House members today during the Congressional hearing with Kathleen Sebelius.
“It didn’t seem to me that the Republicans were organized or prepared and the Democrats are.”

From the Rush Limbaugh website:

Are there any Republicans there? There are? Really? I haven’t seen any evidence of it. There’s some Republicans at that hearing? Really? They’ve got a purpose? They’ve got a strategy? Is that right? Really? Well, okay, I’m gonna get into this ’cause it dovetails with what we’re talking about. Everybody’s now caught up in whether Obama knows the details of this or not, and I’m just gonna tell you, he doesn’t care. He doesn’t care. Mao Tse-tung didn’t know the details, all of them. Neither did Fidel.

I’m just saying these guys have a different agenda. The details don’t matter. The chaos is what’s crucial here, and with every new day of chaos, they’re closer to what they really want, which is single payer. And if the Republicans don’t understand that, they can nail Sebelius all day long and they’re not gonna accomplish anything. That’s all I’m saying…

It didn’t seem to me that the Republicans were organized or prepared and the Democrats are.

They’re constantly, always moving their agenda forward. They’re always moving their ideology forward. They always have a plan; they’re always on the attack. We’ve got a gold mine here, and we’re not using it. I didn’t hear a question — and there could have been one asked. I didn’t hear a question about any no-bid contracts. I didn’t hear any Republican say, “Look, if you guys can’t even launch the website, if you guys can’t even get a website up and running, how in the world you gonna run one-sixth of the US economy?”

I didn’t hear any question like that. Did you, Snerdley? I didn’t hear any ideological questions whatsoever. I didn’t hear anything. In fact, one Republican I heard (I don’t remember his name) said, “My constituents want to be able to buy insurance, and you’re making it impossible.” What are you saying, bud? Your constituents do not want them! He was from Texas. I saw that. “My constituents want to be able to buy health insurance and they want to be able to go to your website to do it.”

No, they don’t want to go to this website. What is this guy talking about? It’s very frustrating for me…

…There is no Republican strategy. There is no ideology. Now, it may well be that there is a strategy. It could well be that whoever came up with this idea that, “Well, this thing’s in the middle of the imploding. Just back out and let it.” Maybe that’s the instruction that’s gone out. “You know, don’t be mean, don’t be critical, ’cause this thing’s imploding itself, and it’ll go down,” and that’s such a big mistake. Because with every new day of chaos, Obama and the Democrats are getting closer to what they want, which is single payer.

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