Remembering Our Good Friend Ruth Owens

Two years ago today, our dear friend Ruth Owens passed away after a long battle with cancer.
You can read about her life and contributions here.

Ruth was first known and loved on Gateway Pundit as the ever-present commenter, Chisum.  In 2009, Ruth reached out to me and offered her help with the blog.  Using the pseudonym, Lady Liberty, Ruth became my right hand woman for the next two years.  More importantly, Ruth became my friend.  Sadly, after enjoying a remission from cancer, it returned.  And the world lost a wonderful woman on October 7, 2011.

I am so thankful to Ruth for all she did for me, for her passionate conservative convictions, and for the gift of her daughter, Rachel.

Since we lost Ruth, and most especially during the last six weeks, Rachel Pulaski has frequently contributed her writing talents to Gateway Pundit.  Rachel is Ruth’s daughter, and an invaluable friend.  Ruth’s bright torch is carried on by Rachel.

Please keep Ruth’s family and friends in your thoughts and prayers today.

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