Park Rangers Refuse Truckload of Porta Potties for WW II Veterans

A semi carrying porta potties pulled up yesterday beside the WW II Memorial in Washington D.C.. The porta potties were donated by private citizens to help out the visiting veterans since the facilities are closed.
However, the park rangers turned the truck away and they were not allowed to unload. Michele Tennery witnessed this event and was astonished that the rangers could be so heartless in their treatment of the veterans.  Michele added, “The photos show the attempted delivery of Port-A-Johns by Don’s Johns. The NPS Ranger would not allow the Port-A-Johns to be left at the WWII Memorial site on the grassy area (where the National Park Police have parked 10+ vehicles!). The NPS has not opened the bathrooms at this Memorial site so there are no open bathroom facilities onsite at the WWII Memorial.”

Here’s one of the rangers that would not allow privately donated porta potties near the Memorial.

Despite the actions of the park rangers a handful of port-a-johns were placed near the memorial overnight by private citizens.

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