Ouch! Marine Calls Out John McCain For Being a Traitor to United States (Video)

During a recent town hall meeting in Arizona Marine Blaine Cooper called out John McCain on his treason for aiding and abetting the enemy of the United States.
This was impressive.

The GOP Daily Dose reported on the Marine’s speech:

The boldness expressed is due to McCain’s support of jihadists in Syria, his kowtowing to Barack Obama and the senator even going and having his picture made with enemies of the United States. The man couldn’t even keep his attention on the very serious matter regarding the support of jihadists in Syria. He was too busy playing poker.

Once the Marine finished his comments, McCain was completely embarrassed and rightly so, but laughed off the assertions of treason and declared his constituents had voted him into office 8 times. While McCain welcomes the Marine to run for office, it was more of a condescending tone that came from him in doing so.

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