Obama’s Treasury Secretary Jack Lew Refuses To Answer Question On Successful Sign Up Numbers For Obamacare

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Sunday Fox News Chris Wallace drills Obama’s Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew, on the number of enrollees for Obamacare. On the first pass of the question, Jack Lew arrogantly replies to Chris Wallace: You’re asking the “wrong question.”

Chris Wallace’s response is to double down on the question posed to Jack Lew:


“I’m going to ask you one last time—cause forgive me sir—but you haven’t answered it. Do you not know how many people have signed up—which would seem to indicate another major software glitch—or is it the number is “embarrassingly small?”

Love the question… still waiting for the answer Jack Lew. Ball’s in Lew’s court. Enjoy watching him squirm…

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