Obama’s OFA Holds Rally Against Tea Party… But Only 20 People Show Up

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Last Sunday (Oct 13th), Americans and vets stood up to bully Obama and tore down his BarryCades around our parks and monuments.

Obama’s response was recently reported at Politico. Organizing For Action (OFA) planned to hold a “Budget Shutdown Day of Action Event” at noon on Tuesday (Oct 15th) at the D.C. Capitol with the following OFA call for action:

OFA executive director Jon Carson tweeted Monday urging supporters to “Come join OFA at an event tomorrow to say #EnoughAlready to the #TeaPartyShutdown.”

Dear Leader wants to punish Americans. Even Democrat Schumer admits to a plan to punish the Tea Party and conservatives. Thus the thin-skinned man-child Obama doesn’t take kindly to Americans rebelling against his tyrannical dictates. Unfortunately, Obama also miscalculates the size and enthusiasm of his communist supporter base.

The turnout was pitiful… looks like less than 20 if counting the heads in this video screen shot:


Try not to get carried away by the enthusiasm of their chants… the conviction in their tone may be extremely contagious and hard to resist…. (/sarc off)

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