Leftist Vandals Spraypaint GOP Headquarters in New Hampshire

Leftist vandals spraypainted the GOP headquarters in New Hampshire.
They left the message “WWJD? Healthcare for Everyone”

For the record… Obamacare will leave 30 million Americans uninsured.
But since when did facts matter to unhinged leftists?
CBS Local reported:

The New Hampshire Republican Party headquarters has been vandalized by someone who apparently supports President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul law.

The state GOP says the message: “WWJD? Healthcare for Everyone” was found spray painted on the side of the building in Concord on Friday.

According to the New Hampshire GOP website, the Republican State Committee filed a report with the Concord Police Department regarding the vandalism incident.

“Our building was clearly vandalized by liberal political activists who disagree with our fiscally responsible values. Instead of trying to engage in a serious debate about the issues facing our country, these cowardly extremists decided to spread their liberal agenda by damaging our property,” NHGOP Executive Director Matt Slater, said in a statement on their website. “This type of outrageous and illegal political activism should be condemned by the New Hampshire Democrat Party. They need to send a clear message to liberal activists that their shameful tactics have no place in politics.”

The staff is currently analyzing estimates for the cost to remove the graffiti from the building’s exterior.

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