Kesha Concert Cancelled in Malaysia – Deemed Too Offensive to Muslims

Authorities cancelled singer Kesha’s upcoming concert in Malaysia, saying her concert was offensive in regard to “religious sensibilities.”

Kesha today show
Kesha performs for The Today Show.

The singer faces jail if she performs.
The Examiner reported:

Ke$ha has made a name for herself worldwide due to her extremely sexually suggestive shows. Her titillating performances are generally very well received. However, Malaysia is not very pleased with her act. Newser reported on Oct. 26, 2013, “Malaysia Cancels Concert by Ke$ha.” The government of Malaysia has announced a show Ke$ha had planned for today in Kuala Lumpur was cancelled because she’s too risque for the predominately very conservative Muslim country.

Although her promoter, Livescape, said Ke$ha would be a little more reserved than usual for a show in Malaysia, the Malaysian government nevertheless decided she would be too offensive in regard to “religious sensitivities” and “cultural values.” It is felt by the government officials in Malaysia that she sings too much about sex and booze and that she is too indecent in her appearance in her shows. Muslim religious conservatives in the country are pleased her show has been cancelled.

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