Guest Post by Mark Christian

christians egypt persecuted

We see, once again, that Christians in Egypt are being terrorized by the so-called Islamists. Today a Christian wedding ceremony at the Church of the Virgin Mary in the Cairo area was the target of their scorn. There were 11 victims total, with one dead. As the wedding celebrants were exiting the church, they were assaulted in the street, where “security” had put up barricades to prevent this from happening. This really shouldn’t come as any surprise as these true believers are only following instruction from their holy book, the Qur’an. What does surprise is why the government, currently run by the Egyptian military, seems to look the other way when these massacres occur.

In reality, it’s a brilliant game of “two birds, one stone”, being played by the Egyptian military. On one hand, the military can continue to demonize the Muslim Brotherhood and other Muslim “extremists”, for persecuting Christians (all the while looking the other way). The flip side of the coin is that by doing nothing, the military is in essence advocating for the Christian persecution, without needing to take any action themselves.


Besides the tragedy of these innocent Christians being slaughtered, we see the future of Egypt continue to sit in peril. Though Christian churches have been the target of vandalism and terror for months (if not years), opening fire on a wedding party has upped the ante significantly. Right now we’re witnessing rioting and protests in which the angry fervor is unlike any seen outside of those events that resulted in the last two regime changes.

Clearly, neither side of the Islamic equation in Egypt has the best interests of Egyptian Christians at heart. We pray for God’s protection over them. We also pray that there will be peace in Egypt, and that a third “Egyptian Revolution” will be avoided.

UPDATE: Four people were killed and eight injured.

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