Insurance Companies Forced to Phone Healthcare Applicants To Correct Obamacare Website Glitches

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

What a disaster on so many levels.

Amazingly, liberal NBC media reveals a multitude of Obamacare website problems in the short video clip posted below. Problems ranging from the 5 million lines of faulty website code to the fact that a Michigan insurance company is forced to phone all potential applicants to correct the incorrect data information the website provides and receives from potential applicants.

Added bonus, the clip admits that the number of applicants continues to be extremely low. Around the 0:27 second marker, Joan Budden (Priority Health Chief Marketing Officer) issued the following statement in reference to contacting all the Obamacare applicants: “We can only do that because there’s a low volume right now.”

Michigan Priority Health isn’t the only insurance company plagued with this problem. Blue Cross of Nebraska reports the following:

LINCOLN — Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska has hired temporary workers to deal with mistakes and problems with enrollment applications, which are trickling in from the state’s federally run health insurance exchange.

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