Indiana School Promotes Population Control: “Zero Population Growth…It’s Up To You-No More Than Two”

Priest and blogger from Indiana, Fr. John Hollowell was visiting the Northview High School in Brazil, Indiana when he saw a “disturbing sign” in the hallways.  The sign read, “zero population growth” telling children it is up to them to have “no more than two” children.

Indiana School population growth

Fr. Hollowell reported at On This Rock:

At first when I walked past the sign I thought to myself – “Oh, cool, they’re starting to catch on that our population levels are at a critical phase and that we’re heading for a demographic winter because no one is having kids anymore; they’re trying to get the word out that our population growth is trending towards a crisis….”

Then I literally had a sick feeling in my stomach when I realized I had the sign completely wrong.

The math “project” hanging in the hallway reads – “Zero Population Growth…It’s Up To You – No More Than Two”

My jaw hit the floor.  Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood’s “Theology” on full display in our public schools.

You can’t probably read the sign but it has one smiley face representing 10 million people…and I mean look at the sign…if people keep having kids the smiley faces won’t fit in the box anymore!  Look how scientific it is (sarcasm).

I thought we were separating church and state?

This is about the most messed up thing I’ve seen in a long time.  We might as well have Nazi flags hanging in the hallway.  What does that say to kids from families bigger than two kids?  Reproduction is a problem?  The math teacher I went to visit across the hall just had his third child today.  Are he and his wife contributing to the downfall of humanity for welcoming human life?

Hat Tip Towhall