Happy Halloween Riot!… 200 People Riot in Haunted House Parking Lot

At least 30 Austin police officers were called after a riot broke out at the “House of Torment” parking lot on Saturday night.

KXAN reported:

Austin Police will be keeping a closer eye on the House of Torment this week after a riot broke out in the parking lot nearby over the weekend.

More than two dozen Austin police officers responded and took a group of young men to after the bedlam at Highland Mall.

KXAN was told the fights did not break out at the House of Torment, or even outside in the haunted house’s long lines, but rather in the parking lot here at the Highland Mall. Either way, it was certainly something police did not expect.

Arrest reports described chaos with more than 200 people sporadically fighting, walking on top of cars and confronting and ignoring police officers.

“People get in big crowds like that sometimes things get out of control,” said Cpl. David Boyd. “(People) start doing silly things just not listening to officers commands.”

At least 30 officers swarmed the area to get the unruly crowd under control and took four young men to jail on misdemeanor charges ranging from participating in a riot to running from officers.

Hat Tip Bobo

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