Former Gitmo Detainee Was on the Ground in Benghazi the Night of 9-11 Attack

Five days after the 9-11 Benghazi terrorist attack, that left Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans dead, the Obama Administration sent out UN Ambassador Susan Rice to speak to the public. Rice tried to persuade Americans that the obvious terrorist attack was actually a spontaneous protest due to a hateful American movie.

Rice spread this lie on five different channels.

Now we know that a former Gitmo detainee and several other Al-Qaeda members led the attack.
Sufian bin Qumu
Sufyan bin Qumu, photo from a Department of Defense document on Guantanamo Bay detention facility. (Image from

FOX News reported:


A former Guantanamo Bay detainee with Al Qaeda ties was in Benghazi the night of the Sept. 11 attack, according to a source on the ground in Libya.

The source told Fox News that ex-detainee Sufian bin Qumu, who is suspected of running camps in eastern Libya where some of the assailants trained, is also a “respected member” of Ansar al-Sharia — one of the Islamist groups identified in State Department email traffic two hours after the attack.

Two sources familiar with the investigation, when asked about bin Qumu’s whereabouts the night of the attack, did not dispute the claim he was in Benghazi.

While it is not clear whether bin Qumu was directing the assault, his security file from Guantanamo may be revealing. Having already trained in Usama bin Laden’s camps, in 1998 bin Qumu joined the Taliban in Pakistan and “communicated with likely extremist elements via radio during this period indicating a position of leadership,” the file shows.

Fox News’ ongoing reporting on the attack has shown that at least four key Benghazi suspects have ties to the Al Qaeda senior leadership in Pakistan.

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