Figures. NY Times Endorses Thug Squad Leader, Cory Booker, For U.S. Senate

Mayor of Bogota, N.J., Steve Lonegan (R) is running for the U.S. Senate special election seat. He held a press conference last month in front of a crack house owned by his challenger, Cory Booker (D). Booker’s “thug squad” was at the conference harassing Lonegan yelling, “Go back where you came from”.

Now the New York Times has decided to endorse Cory Booker.  Apparently, The New York Times thinks providing crack houses to neighborhoods is a “solid” community “investment” that shows compassion “for the less fortunate”.

Via New York Times:


 Mr. Booker is far and away the better candidate to serve the needs of his entire state and to provide a national voice for the less fortunate across America.

Mr. Booker has a solid record of bringing investment to Newark, adding more housing and reducing corruption in city government. The job is, of course, unfinished, and some gains on crime made earlier in his two terms have stalled. But he has drawn national attention to Newark, bringing in money, jobs and development to help revive a city long defined by urban blight. He has also worked well with Gov. Chris Christie, a Republican, a good sign that he would be the kind of open-minded, moderating voice Washington so desperately needs.

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