Figures! Chicago Teachers Union Organizer: ‘This City Belongs To Black People’

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The Chicago Teachers Union is one of the most radical in the country, so it should come as no surprise that tonight one of their lead organizers had this to say at an anti-Rahm Emanuel rally that featured the Governor of Illinois himself.

Brandon Johnson, an organizer with the Chicago Teachers Union, fired up the rally crowd at the University of Illinois at Chicago Forum, saying the 35 union and neighborhood groups were there to send a message to “the mayor of this city and his corporate, greedy elitist friends that this city belongs to the people in this room. Black people, brown people, poor people, working-class people.” [LINK]

In Chicago the four R’s stand for Radicalism, Racism, Racketeering, and Victimhood. (I know that last one doesn’t start with R but then neither does writing or arithmatic.)

Also, the mayor of Chicago is Jewish, so when Brandon Johnson and his union pals refer to the Mayor’s “greedy” friends, we all know what he really means, right Chris Matthews?


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