Even Wolf Blitzer Says Republicans Are Right: Delay Obamacare

By John Hawkins from Right Wing News. You can follow Right Wing News on Facebook.

Wolf Blitzer is so in the tank for the Obama Administration that he practically qualifies as an employee; yet even he admits that Obama should have taken the Republicans up on their offer to delay Obamacare.


The Obama administration should “accept the advice that a lot of Republicans are giving” and delay healthcare reform for another year, CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer said. GOP leaders seized on the comment.

The “Situation Room” host made his comment during a report from correspondent Brian Todd, who was discussing failures of the government website Healthcare.gov, which was launched to handle inquiries and sign-ups for state healthcare exchanges, The New York Times reports.

Other government websites, such as one for Social Security, function well, Blitzer said, but the government didn’t get the Obamacare site ready on time.

“Maybe fix the problem, make sure people don’t have to worry about it,” the longtime anchor suggested.

…CNN, which says it strives for a bipartisan approach to the news, didn’t comment on Blitzer’s remarks or offer official clarification. But Blitzer later on Twitter said that his comments may have been taken out of context and misunderstood.

“Context matters,” Blitzer said. “Earlier I said the govt shouldn’t launch a website before it works. I did not express a view about the individual mandate.”

If Obama actually cared whether Obamacare works or not, he would have welcomed the GOP’s offer to delay Obamacare for a year. The law is a train wreck, the website is the worst tech disaster in American history, and the list of broken promises that he made to the American people about the ACA is as long as the list of women Bill has probably cheated on with Hillary. That’s why offering a one year delay was a tough call for Republicans. Turning it down would have been a tough call for Obama as well, if he cared about the country in the first place.