CATFIGHT! Michelle Obama And Kate Moss In Bidding War Over Singer Adele



Model Kate Moss and Michelle Obama are in a bidding war over singer Adele. Both women want her to perform at their birthday bashes. Adele can’t perform at both parties because the birthday parties are only a day apart. Kate’s 40th birthday party is January 16th and Michelle’s 50th birthday party is January 17th. Michelle Obama thinks she is sweetening the pot by promising Adele that she will sing along side Beyonce. The last time Adele was asked to perform at a private party she asked for a $100,000 a minute.

Daily Star reported:

A source told us: “Kate’s 40th is on January 16 and Michelle’s 50th is the day after. Mossy asked her team first to find out how much it would cost to get Adele to perform

“But Michelle then also invited her to sing alongside Beyoncé at the White House. With Adele’s fees she could make £3million in 72 hours if she flies from Kate’s to the States.”

South African fruit juice tycoon Vivien Imerman, 53, found in March how pricey the London lass can be when he tried to book her for his daughter’s wedding.

Adele’s people asked for £100k a minute – which would have totted up to £2.5m for a 25-minute set.

Even though Mossy has certainly got the wonga, we’d advise her to back out of this bidding war.

Let’s face it, it’s likely she’ll be too sloshed to remember the party afterwards anyway.

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