Boko Haram Attacks Military Base – 35 Soldiers Slaughtered

boko haram killers

Boko Haram attacked the provincial capital in Yobe State today.
35 were reportedly killed.
The Telegraph reported:

Dozens of bodies in military uniforms have brought to a morgue in northern Nigeria after Islamist fighters staged a surprise attack on a provincial capital, hospital sources said.

Nigerian army sources confirmed that some of the casualties were soldiers but added that Boko Haram gunmen often wore military fatigues as disguise during their missions.

The deaths followed hours of fighting in Damaturu, the capital of Yobe state in Nigeria’s far northeast, late on Thursday and into the early hours of Friday.

Gunmen stormed a military checkpoint and opened fire, launching a seven-hour gunbattle that left an unknown number of people dead and the town under a 24-hour curfew, which has since been reduced to 4pm to 7am.

“We have received lots of bodies in the last three days from the attacks. I counted 35 bodies in military uniform,” a senior official at the Damaturu Specialist Hospital told the French news agency, AFP.

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