AUDIO: Mark Levin: Obama Has No Power To Borrow On The Credit Of The United States; Even Obama’s Threat Of Default Is A Coup

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Mark Levin’s opening hour of his Oct. 15, 2013 show claims that Obama’s actions are essentially a coup against America.

Hat Tip BirtherReport for the audio:

A loose paraphrase of the essential points from Mark Levin’s opening audio segment (above) are as follows:

The president has already seized core authority from the Congress, in particular the House of Representatives. In addition to Obama’s previous acts against the constitution—this current act is a most dangerous and destructive assault on the constitution.

Clearly Congress has a say in the debt and can authorize the debt. There is nothing in the constitution that empowers the Executive Branch to take on that authority. Without this function in the hands of Congress, it ceases to be the People’s body of Government. Article I, Section 8, Clause 2 empowers Congress—and only Congress—”To borrow Money on the credit of the United States;” The President has NO POWER to borrow on the credit of the United States. Nor can any President usurp this core Congressional authority. The 14th amendment doesn’t change this power of Congress as Obama asserts.

Not only can the President not exercise this power of the purse, but even by threatening to default the nation, threatening to violate his oath, by constantly talking about how the nation is going to go into default, threats on how the economy is going to shut down — the President is in effect seizing the power of the Congress—and seizing it right in front of our faces. The media outlets—including Fox—seem to be missing this important point.

If Congress agrees to the President’s demands, and gives him a large percentage of whatever Obama is asking for under threat of forcing this country into default under violation of his oath of office—Obama will have succeeded in neutering Congress and instituting a coup. It is Obama who is holding the nation ransom. If this is not a coup, than what the hell is?

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