Artist Arrested for Sculpture Depicting Russian Soldier Raping Polish Woman

russian rape gun
Jerzy Szumcyk’s sculpture of a Russian soldier raping a Polish woman landed him in jail.

Polish artist Jerzy Szumcyk was arrested after he displayed a sculpture of a WWII Russian soldier raping a Polish woman by gunpoint. The Red Army was known for its rampant rape as it marched across Eastern Europe towards Berlin during WWII.

Apparently, you are no longer allowed to tell the history of the Polish nation. reported:

A Polish art student’s sculpture depicting the rape of a pregnant woman by a Russian WWII soldier as he holds a gun to her head was taken down shortly after it was erected, and the artist was arrested soon afterwards.

Jerzy Szumcyk, a fifth-year student at Gdansk’s Academy of Fine Arts, created the overtly perverted sculpture as a way to express his anguish after immersing himself in the study of the rampant rape committed by the Red Army as it marched across Eastern Europe towards Berlin during WWII, the Daily Mail reported.

The statue, called Komm Frau, or Come Here Woman, was displayed on Gdansk’s Avenue of Victory on Saturday evening and was meant not only as an emotional outlet for the artist, but as a way to pay homage to the millions of German women who were raped by Red Army soldiers between 1944 and 1945, according to the Daily Mail.

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