Another White South Afrikaner Brutally Murdered With Boiling Water & Plastic Bags

Prof. Daan Wybenga, 69, was found dead after being tortured to death in his house in Clarens.
His body was so badly mutilated that his son, Mr. Wim Wybenga, 37, could only recognise him by his hands.
Daan Wybenga was a well-known author. He was murdered with boiling water and plastic bags. (

The forgotten genocide:
** 4041 White Farmers have been murdered in South Africa
** 68,768 Afrikaners have been murdered reported:

The well-loved Afrikaans author and academic Prof. Daan Wybenga, 69, has just been tortured to death in his house in Clarens, in the Free State. His body was found on Monday night in his home.

Wybenga is the latest casualty in South Africa’s spate of sadistic black-on-white murders, fueled by racial animosity and years of communist propaganda. His body was so badly mutilated that his son, Mr. Wim Wybenga, 37, could only recognise him by his hands.

According to him, the killers threw boiling water over his dad, hit him over the hand, tied up his hands and feet, and taped a plastic bag around his head to suffocate him.

“At the autopsy, my dad still had the plastic bag around his head and his hands and feet were tied up. His skin was burnt off and full of blisters. His face was also swollen,” said Mr. Wybenga.

His corpse was found in the bathroom, presumably because the hot water there was used to torture him. Making their victims drink hot water, or making them stand under hot showers is a favourite form of torture used by South Africa’s marauding black bandits. In the case of the massacre of the Viana family, in Walkerville, near Johannesburg, 12-year old Amaro Viana was drowned in a tub of hot water.


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