ANOTHER SCHOOL BEATING – White Kids Beaten Bloody on Pennsylvania School Bus (Video)

It seems like we’ve seen this before…
Innocent white kids getting pummelled by black kids on the way home from school while the bus driver does nothing.

This will make you sick to your stomach.
Via the Daily Mail:

The bus driver refused to let the two white kids off the bus after their beating.
ABC Local reported:


Action News has learned that one student has been charged in connection with a videotaped beating on a Delaware County school van.

No further details have been released about that teen. Investigators tell Action News that two more teens are being sought.

The incident happened Wednesday, October 9th, aboard a Southeast Delco School District van.

17-year-old Dylan Fonner, a friend who was sitting next to him, and three other students were headed home from their school, The Delaware County Alternative High School.
Investigators say those three students, a couple of 16-year-old boys and a girl, recorded video for several minutes as they picked on Dylan and his friend.

Near the end of the 7 minute video was the punch that caused the Sharon Hill teenager’s nose to severely bleed.

“When I saw the video, I was upset and furious all at the same time,” Dylan’s mother Jackee Fonner said.

Dylan tried to get out of the van near 12th Street and Edgmont Avenue in Chester, but the driver wouldn’t let him.

“He didn’t even give my son a cotton ball to clean the blood off of him, my son had to use his flannel shirt to clean his face off. He just did absolutely nothing,” Jackee Fonner said.

Chester City Police Commissioner Joseph Bail says not only did the 34-year-old bus driver not step in, but the district never reported the assault.

“I have a problem with a grown adult not reporting it,” Bail said.

Dylan was treated at a local hospital, but his mother got him out of town after the alleged attacker posted the video to Facebook.

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