Another Obamacare Casualty: 75 Year Old Ice Cream Factory Closes Shop

Businesses all over the country are laying off workers and cutting hours because of Obamacare, now the Bonnie Doon ice cream factory in Indiana has announced they are closing shop. The business has been struggling with rising production costs and a declining economy but the approaching implementation of Obamacare was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Fox 28: South Bend, Elkhart IN News, Weather, Sports

Fox28 reported:

Tuesday, FOX28 talked with owners of the Bonnie Doon plant and downtown Mishawaka location. They tell us there are many reasons for the shutdown such as the declining economy and the rise in production costs. But the number one factor? The anticipated cost of the Affordable Care Act.

Adam Carroll is owner of the Lincolnway Bonnie Doon. Even though the Bonnie Doon Plant and downtown location are closing, he says he’s not going anywhere. “I’ve been with the company for 21 years, it was my first job and I started working for them when I was 14.”

He says the closing plant means he has to find a new ice cream supplier. “With the Obamacare it just will affect the businesses too much so that was their main reason for shutting down the ice cream plant at this time.”

FOX28 talked with the CFO who confirmed the anticipation of the Affordable Care Act played a large part in the shut down, something Kyle Hannon, Elkhart Chamber of Commerce President says many small businesses are wrestling with. “Our businesses have been concerned, kind of wondering ‘how much is this going to cost? How is it going to impact us?”


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