After Seven Weeks and Several Surgeries I’ll Be Heading Home Today UPDATE: Picture Of Jim

After seven weeks in the hospital and several major operations I’ll be heading home today.

hoft iv blogging
No more blogging from my hospital bed… No more IV blogging. (Twitchy)

Thank you everyone for your kind words, your prayers, your donations and your continued support.
Thank you fellow bloggers and conservatives.
And thank God for His mercy.
I was so close to death but I am now saved.


Please continue to pray for my recovery.
Thank you all.
I am truly humbled by your love and support.

UPDATE by Andrea Ryan:  Here’s a great picture Jim Tweeted this morning.

Jim Hoft Going Home

Hallelujah! Free at last! After 7 weeks in the hospital I am going home today (that’s my sweet niece Candice).

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