You Have The Right To Be Silenced! Cop Destroys Civil Rights Sign On Private Property


Written by Christopher Cook

Good to see the thin blue line protecting the citizens of Somers, New York, from the dangerous threat of . . . people expressing their 1st Amendment rights!

From Western Free Press:


John Gibson, resident of the Somers, NY, community of Lake Lincolndale, had finally had enough. After his third pro-Second Amendment lawn sign mysteriously disappeared, he set up a hunting camera to catch the culprit. Much to his surprise, the culprit turned out to be a Somers police officer.

Mary Beth Murphy, an official from the Town of Somers, contends that the police officer was acting because Gibson’s sign was in the right-of-way, rather than on his property. However, numerous facts cast doubt on this contention, including photographic evidence of the officer’s expression and his violent attack upon the sign, and the apparent lack of any notice or citation. [Read more…]

Yeah. Firearms should only be trusted to trained law enforcement who are charged with safeguarding your rights (when they agree with you).

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