Whoa! Egypt Bans The Muslim Brotherhood

Muslim Brotherhood
Members of the Muslim Brotherhood and supporters of ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi shout slogans and close the roads during a protest in downtown Cairo, Monday, July 22, 2013. Amr Abdallah Dalsh/Reuters

Egypt has kicked out the Muslim Brotherhood.  They’re banned from the country.  Today, an Egyptian Court ruled that all activities of the Islamic radicals are now illegal, and ordered the government to seize all Muslim Brotherhood funds and assets.

Haaretz reports,

An Egyptian court on Monday banned the Muslim Brotherhood from carrying out any activities in the country and ordered the seizure of the group’s funds, widening a campaign to debilitate the Islamist movement of deposed President Mohammed Morsi.

“The court bans the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood organization and its non-governmental organization and all the activities that it participates in and any organization derived from it,” said the presiding judge Mohammed al-Sayed.

The court ordered the government to seize the Brotherhood’s funds and administer its frozen assets.

The army-backed government is waging the toughest crackdown in decades on the Islamist group, which says it has a million members. Security forces killed hundreds of its supporters and rounded up thousands more since Morsi was deposed by the army on July 3 after mass protests against his rule.


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