What Happened To “Make Love Not War”? How Dopehead Boomers Are Ruining America

Guest post by Melissa Clouthier of MelissaBlogs.com. On Twitter as @MelissaTweets.


The Baby Boomers skated through the sixties high and stupid. That hasn’t changed much. In fact, Boomers are bringing bongs back in a big way:

The use of illegal drugs among Americans in general is holding steady, but it’s surging among middle-aged baby boomers, according to report released Wednesday.

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health indicated that 9.2 percent of Americans aged 12 and over, or 23.9 million, were current consumers of illicit substances.

That’s down slightly from rates of 8.7 to 8.9 percent in 2009 to 2011, said the report, sponsored by the US government’s Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

But among adults aged 50 to 64, illicit drug use has grown substantially — a trend that the report attributed in part to “the aging … of members of the baby boom cohort” born between 1946 and 1964.

For adults aged 50 to 54, the rate more than doubled from 3.4 percent in 2002 to 7.2 percent last year. For those aged 55 to 59, it more than tripled from 1.9 percent to 6.6 percent.

“Among those aged 60 to 64, the rate increased from 1.1 percent in 2003 to 3.6 percent in 2012,” the report added.

Marijuana — ranked on par with heroin under federal law, despite a trend towards legalization at the state level — was the most commonly used illegal drug.

These are also the people who told us to “make love not war”. And yet, here we are with anti-war hero John Kerry making the case for war not love.

It’s like this generation is determined to do everything wrong and all at once.

Obamacare, a form of health care that enriches the Boomers at the expense of their children and children’s children, will bankrupt the country and destroy the American health care system.

In this economy, young people can’t find jobs. Why? Baby Boomers, of course:

As the Class of 2013 migrates into the labor market, many fresh college grads will be startled by the lack of jobs. They might want to ask their grandparents if they know anything about that.

The lean labor market has become a cutthroat turf battle, with many workers reluctant to cede ground to newcomers. And one reason opportunities for young workers are scarce is that workers over 55 are holding on to their jobs longer than ever.

It’s well-known that the Great Recession trashed retirement prospects for many baby boomers, denting nest eggs, puncturing living standards and sending some to the unemployment line during what should have been their peak earning years. Boomers have responded in a perfectly rational way: By extending their careers and sometimes working well beyond retirement age, to make up for lost wealth and bring in needed income.


And now, Syria. It will be expensive. It will burden the next generation with more debt. A kid born in 1990 will owe $654,829 before the Syrian conflict cost is added into the tally. [Calculate your share here.]

Oh, and in Syria, this is what the “good guy” rebels are doing. We’re going to join them?

Our future is in their hands. Do you trust them?



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