VIDEO: Syrian Woman Rips Into McCain… McCain’s Response: Syrian Rebels Are “Moderates”

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

A woman at a McCain town hall explains that she used to live in Syria and has family and friends still in Syria. She becomes extremely passionate in her rebuke of McCain’s stance to back the rebels against Assad.

McCain’s expressions are very interesting during this exchange. At the start of this exchange, McCain is sporting his typical simpleton smile. But the smile quickly turns to an uncomfortable frown as he realizes there is sufficient support in the audience for the woman’s statements.

The clip ends with an extremely frustrating response. McCain proceeds to spew the typical statist talking points aimed at protecting Obama. It’s all about Obama, thus the aggravating meme of “moderate” rebels is still pushed. Maybe McCain should have told the Syrian woman what “Allahu Akbar” really means while explaining the “moderate” stance of the rebels who eat the heart and liver of those they kill.

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