VIDEO: Jonathan Karl HAMMERS Carney For Critizing GOP For Unwillingness To Negotiate When Obama Is Unwilling To Negotiate

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Jonathan Karl hammers Carney. Karl is stunned at the White House claim that the GOP are to be viewed as obstructionists when it is Obama who is refusing to negotiate—thus Obama is the one threatening default.

Keep in mind, the Liberal premise should be rejected that a “government shutdown” and “default” are synonymous, but when have Liberals presented a premise that wasn’t false?

Hat Tip RightScoop who adds the following:

This is a great question from ABC’s Jonathan Karl that needs to be asked over and over and over:

Simply put, Obama can’t take a non-negotiable stance on the debt ceiling and claim he isn’t threatening default. If he wasn’t threatening default, he’d compromise…and the Republicans need to run with this one all the way, especially with the media pointing it out.

More information at CNSNews along with a longer video clip in which the press appears to laugh near the end when Carney attempts to “turn the tables” and put the blame back on Congress.


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