Thunder From Down Under! Australia Poised To Dump Their Labour Libs In Carbon Tax Revolt


Tomorrow Australians go to the polls to elect a new government, and it looks as though the liberal government is about to be humiliatingly dumped in favor of the conservative party.

Australians are set to elect a new, Right-leaning government tomorrow following the longest political campaign in the country’s history.

The conservative coalition led by Liberal Party leader Tony Abbott has led the polls by such an extent that some bookmakers were already paying out on bets more than a week ago. [MORE..]

Fox News is reporting that the vote has become a referendum on the country’s very unpopular carbon tax.

Voters have never stopped hating the tax and its effect on their electric bills. Longtime Labor Party supporters — even people who have helped cut pollution by installing solar panels at home — have flocked to the opposition.

“Whoever gets rid of it will get my vote,” said Mark Keene, a 54-year-old maintenance worker from Sydney who, for the first time in his life, won’t be voting for Labor. [MORE..]

Of course, the conservative leader is being portrayed as a gaffe-prone homophobic racist gynophobe. Sound familiar?

…Mr Abbott, who is seen as gaffe-prone and something of a liability when it comes to policies on women, gay rights and immigration. [MORE..]

Perhaps Mr. Abbott is all of these things, but if their press is anything like our press, his reputation is B.S., and he’s only guilty of not being sufficiently progressive.

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