Syria: Sourcing The Chemical Weapon Attacks, And Preventing WWIII

Guest Post by Dr. Mark Chrisitian, Exec. Director, Global Faith Institute.
Raised in Cairo, Egypt, Dr. Christian was trained as an Imam and a doctor.  He reveals the truth about the Islamic agenda in America and shares his knowledge of the darker side – the radical Islamic political movement – that’s never before been heard by Americans.

Assad brothers

Were the chemical weapon attacks staged by a ‘double agent’ within the Syrian Army?

Does the official ‘chemical weapon attack’ story make sense to anyone? We’re not trying to deny that the weapons were launched by someone within the Syrian Army, the case has been made and the evidence is compelling.  Clearly, the rebels didn’t launch the 2:30 am August 22, 2013 attack .


But…could this have been the work of an infiltrator within the Syrian Army’s 4th Armored Division? Could this mole have launched the Aug. 21 attack on the eastern Ghouta suburbs of the capital, Damascus? A captain in the unit who fired the chemical shells had his life threatened when he hesitated to fire the munitions, the threat being made by a regional commander within the Syrian army. Who is this regional commander?

Why do we seem insistent on going to war without asking these very important questions… which are among many that remain unanswered about the source of the chemical attacks?

We need to stop trying to belabor the point of whether or not this attack was launched by the Syrian Army. Clearly, U.S. intelligence has provided documentation of this fact, as mentioned in the Washington Post

“U.S. spy agencies recorded each step in the alleged chemical attack, from the extensive preparations to the launching of rockets to the after-action assessments by Syrian officials. Those records and intercepts would become the core of the Obama administration’s evidentiary case linking the Syrian government to what one official called an “indiscriminate, inconceivable horror” — the use of outlawed toxins to kill nearly 1,500 civilians, including at least 426 children.”

The question that remains at this point is, if Syrian President Assad didn’t launch this attack…who did? Though there’s evidence that President Assad’s younger brother, Maher Assad, was in command of the unit accused of launching the attacks, this still doesn’t explain why or even provide a motive for the attack. So, we ask, who had a motive??


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