Syria: Dick Durbin’s Show And Tell And How Obama Wins While Playing War

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Guess what can’t possibly happen with America at war with Syria? Guess what’s being pushed aside so we can talk about the Very Important Urgent Syrian Situation? Here’s Dick Durbin answering these questions for you:

“When we are in a delicate position from a foreign policy viewpoint, it is hard to argue that shutting down our government is in the best interests of America,” Durbin told reporters.

Oh, really. Well then, the President should just declare war whenever he wants to avoid domestic policy responsibility.

Speaking of Syria, why are we bombing them, again? Or if John McCain had his way, helping along regime change?

Steve Schippert, formerly of Threatswatch joined Andrew Malcolm and Melissa Clouthier to discuss the Syrian situation on the Malcolm & Melissa podcast. It’s informative and worth a listen.

As Ace notes, the glitterati of intelligentsia is weighing in intelligently. Smart takes abound.

Over at NRO the editors are all for the Syrian intervention. Thus, President Obama has achieved another of his aims: divide the Republicans and the right-leaning movement.

To sum up:

President Obama’s hopes for Syria are as follows:

1. Distract Americans from more pressing matters.
2. Divide the GOP, the right-leaning movement, and Americans generally.
3. Blow crap up.

Bonus: Who gets the blame when the Syrian effort turns out like Egypt and Libya? Why the Republican lead House, that’s who. How is this possible, you ask, when Barack Hussein Obama himself has been talking all Red Line and stuff? He has the media, that’s how.

Oh yes, Barack Obama is going to enjoy this Syrian debacle and the GOP will help give him cover. It’ll turn out to be good for him. Bet on it.


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