“Sexist” Labeling At Toys-R-Us Dropped

Guest post by Melissa Clouthier of MelissaBlogs.com. On Twitter at MelissaTweets.


“Let toys be toys” is the name of the group pushing for genderless toy categorizations:

Retail giant Toys R Us has agreed to drop sexist marketing and gender stereotyping of its products to girls and boys.

The toy store has bowed to pressure from campaign group Let Toys Be Toys, who represent thousands of shoppers concerned with sexism in the toy industry and the impact it’s having on children.

It’s so tiring to have some group of nosey ninnies telling companies what they can and cannot do.

There is an underlying desire to destroy norms. Actually, liberals are trying to pretend that norms are made up and that there’s no biology involved whatsoever.

Most boys like trucks and things that go boom.

Most girls like dolls and care-taking toys, etc.

Now, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t exceptions, but when it comes to retailing and life, a business is marketing to the prevailing trends not some aspirational hippie theory.

More importantly, biology plays the prominent role in toy selection as these studies show. (Who is anti-science, again?) But that’s just reinforcing what any mother with common sense knows.

That Toys-R-Us is caving to these bullies makes it all worse. Bending to the p.c. tyrants emboldens them. Now, they’ll be on the next big fight to undo history, society, and biology.