Report: American Jihadi Killed In Somalia By His Fellow Islamists

Alabama-born Jihadi – Omar Hamami aka Abu Mansoor Al-Amriki

Rantburg links to this report from AFP.

American Islamic militant killed in Somalia: witnesses

AFP – A US Islamic extremist fighting in Somalia was killed Thursday in a shootout with Al-Qaeda linked Shebab militants, former comrades he had fallen out with, witnesses said.

From a Google search on Omar:


Sounds like a nice kid. No word on what the disagreement was about, but rumors are that it had something to do with a heated argument over how best to kill a Jew.

Rantburg invokes the 48 hour rule:

48 hour rule applies unless we are delivered a severed head…

Agreed. For all we know this Jihadi is alive and on his way to America right now.


Thanks for sharing!