#Progressive Tolerance – “One Nation Under God” Banned In Madison New Jersey

madison sign

Mike Waresk, a resident of Madison, NJ is a fan of the local sports teams. So much so that he had a banner made up and asked local officials if they would hang it. They agreed and placed the banner on an overpass.

Unfortunately one bitter leftist complained about the language on the sign. What was so offensive? The words “One Nation Under God.”

More unfortunately, the town buckled and removed the sign so as not to offend people who can’t tolerate any expression that contradicts their own world view.


A banner in support of Madison sports teams that was displayed on a train overpass at Waverly Place and Kings Road this week has been taken down.

The banner said “Dodger Domination” and, below that, “One Nation Under God.”

Waresk, a borough resident, said he was told there had been a complaint about the phrase “One Nation Under God,” but he did not know more about the nature of the complaint. [LINK]

No word yet on if the town is planning on banning the pledge.

h/t @katieomalley

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