Pregnant Woman Was Anti-Gun Before Using Husband’s Gun To Scare Off 2 Home Invaders — Now Thankful Husband Bought A Gun

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Another great story that ended well and proves—once again—that guns save lives. A pregnant woman may not be alive to tell her story had it not been for the fact that her husband insisted she learn how to use a gun.

Two men were attempting to invade the woman’s home shortly after the husband left for work. The wife was alone and explains that her husband insisted on purchasing a gun some months back. She was against the idea at the time, but the home invasion attempt gave her a completely different perspective. Owning a gun changed the dynamic of the situation (and saved her life). She is now extremely thankful her husband insisted on buying a gun.

GSL reports the following:

It’s kind of amazing how being in a life and death situation can change one’s mind about firearm ownership in a split second.

That’s exactly what happened in Palmview, TX several days ago.

A pregnant woman, who wishes to remain unidentified, was home alone when she heard someone banging loudly on her front door. Since she was home along, the woman did not answer the door, however at the same time, a second suspect was breaking into the home at the back door.

Fearing for her life, the woman grabbed her husband’s .40SW handgun and called 911.

Once the men saw the woman was armed, they fled back to their waiting truck. Wanting to make sure the intruders were gone for good, the woman opened fire on the truck as the men were getting in it.

The woman told Action 4 News that she was originally against guns in the home, but this incident changed her mind,

“I was against him buying a gun maybe 7-8 months ago, but I told him, ‘I don’t know if I told you, thank you for doing that’ because it changed the situation completely,” said Alex.

The suspects were arrested in a nearby home after a long standoff with police and SWAT officers.

This story could have ended very differently if not for the presence of a gun inside the home.

The gun used appears to be a Smith and Wesson Sigma, .40 caliber based on the video. adds the following:

Palmview Police say Lucas and Jesus Ortiz were high on unknown drugs at the time of the burglary and that they are still not being cooperative with the investigation.

More here. If Lucas and Jesus Ortiz are illegals, I’m sure the media will neglect to report that detail.

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