‘Painful’: Chris Wallace Pounds John Kerry; Lucianne Goldberg Zings: “Why The Long Face, Mr. Secretary?”

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

It’s time for the Fox News Sunday TV reports and Chris Wallace made John Kerry squirm in defending Obama’s actions.

Twitchy reports on the painful Chris Wallace pounding along with numerous response tweets from Brit Hume, Lucianne Goldberg, and others.

Secretary of State John Kerry appeared on “Fox News Sunday” to discuss Syria this morning. Fox News’ Brit Hume found the interview to be “almost painful,” heh.

The full interview below in case you missed it:

Other related news articles displaying Obama’s weakness on handling the Syria issue include:

Twitchy: Thank the president for what? Rep. Amash scores with boom-worthy Obama blasting:

Justin Amash: It’s unfortunate that it’s gotten to the point where I have to thank the President for following the Constitution & the law.

NYPost: US knew of gas plot, but didn’t alert rebels

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