Outrageous! Campus Democrats Destroy 9-11 Memorial

Campusfascists(middbeat/Rachel Kogan)

Breitbart reports on an outrageous act of vandalism on campus. A conservative group on the campus of Middlebury College took part in a annual national 9-11 memorial event by placing 2,997 flags on the grounds of their campus.

5 Democrat students were offended by the display…so they ripped it up.

A 2,977 flag memorial was ripped out of the ground in front of Mead Memorial Chapel shortly before 3 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 11 by a group of five protestors claiming that the flags were on top of a sacred Abenaki burial site.

Ben Kinney ’15, president of the College Republicans, spent two hours putting the flags outside of Mead Chapel on Tuesday night, and happened to be walking up the hill towards the chapel when he saw four females and one male stuffing the miniature flags into black trash bags.

Kinney said the protestors told him they were “confiscating” the flags in protest of “America’s imperialism.” [LINK]

Remember, ripping up memorials to 9/11 victims is the highest form of patriotism.


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