Obamacare: Americans Are Baby Research Mice

Guest post by Melissa Clouthier of MelissaBlogs.com. @MelissaTweets on Twitter.

Obamacare delays continue. But not for you, of course. You get to suffer with more expensive, higher deductible, less coverage care.

Meanwhile, your tax dollars are going toward cute fuzzy little propaganda ads that portray Americans as mice and other stupid baby animals. This is more like it:



And the DNC is making YouTube videos to make a bullying video:

Ace goes on a rant about the babyification of America (my term):

But looking at the White House’s new “Adorable Care Act” Cute Overload animal pictures, and the continue rise of BuzzFeed, despite, you know, everyone knowing it’s a big of a joke, I now appreciate there was a deeper level to his rant about the problem of Numminess in America.

We are indeed becoming a more childlike people. We are more and more shirking the expected obligations of adulthood, such as marriage and procreation, and even more basically, we’re rejecting the obligation of adults to actually think, in terms of numbers, and of best outcomes, and so forth.

The national mode of thinking is now Nummy. “We” — and by we I mean Americans, not “we” meaning us here right now — increasingly think in terms of cute, and easy, and glib, and dumb, and fun.

Go read the whole thing. I left out the money quote.

Isn’t Obamacare, though, the essence of infantilizing America? Every baby need will be taken care of by an increasingly domineering mother who will be into every aspect of your life because she knows what’s good for you.

The only problem with this equation is that mom is nuts. She can’t quite get her act together. She over promises and under delivers. Mom plays favorites.

So, it’s fitting that an overweening, nasty piece of legislation by President Mom Jeans is falling apart at the seams and is advertised by baby ducklings.



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