Obama Commemorates Labor Day with Communist Promises and $23,000 Dinners.

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Written by The P/Oed Patriot

During President Obama’s weekly address commemorating Labor Day, he seemed to channel Karl Marx as he laid out his ideas for building up the middle class:

“That’s why, over the past month, I’ve traveled all across America, laying out my ideas for how we can build on the cornerstones of what it means to be middle class. A good job that pays a good wage. A good education. A home of your own. Health care when you get sick. A secure retirement even if you’re not rich.”

How a President of a free nation can seemingly promise a job with good pay, healthcare, a home and retirement while keeping a straight face knowing that it is not within his power to provide such things, is beyond me. In order for the President to come through on that Christmas list of goodies he would have to fundamentally transform the nation into Communism so that everything would be owned by the Government and therefore distributed “equally” to every citizen.

While that may give a warm and fuzzy feeling to our American Comrades on the left, it is a thought which churns my stomach because history has shown any such form of government only leads to a totalitarian state run by murderous, political elites.

If irony were an item of clothing, President Obama would have a closet full of it because while he spoke of strengthening the middle class a few days ago, he plans on spending an evening at an event that no middle class family could afford to attend.

According to an article on The Hill, President Obama plans on flying to Los Angeles in order to give a speech to his Communist pals in the AFL-CIO. Upon completion, the President will then spend that night at a $32,000 a plate fundraiser:

“President Obama will travel to Los Angeles on Sept. 9 to recognize organized labor.

Obama will appear at the AFL-CIO convention, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka told reporters at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast Thursday.

That night the president will also appear at a $32,400 per plate Hollywood fundraiser held at the home of Marta Kauffman, the co-creator of the sitcom “Friends,” according to an invitation obtained by the Sunlight Foundation.”

To add insult to injury Obama is even writing off the trip to see his pals in LA as apart of his “Middle Class Economic Tour”.:

“The White House is billing the appearance at the labor convention as the latest in the president’s summer-long middle class economic tour, according to the Los Angeles Times. Last week, the president visited schools across New York and Pennsylvania to tout his proposal to rank universities based on value, while previous stops have seen Obama call for new infrastructure improvements and reforming the corporate tax code.”

Like Communist leaders of old, President Obama is more than happy to pay lip service to the people, while behind closed doors, he shows his true self as being an elitist.

So while my middle class, progressive, American friends sit around and enjoy their BBQ today, I hope they don’t choke on their hamburger when they realize that their glorious leader’s promises are nothing but empty air while their “Man of the People” rubs elbows with the wealthy and eats his caviar from a golden plate.

Bon Appetit!

Oh… and Happy Labor Day.

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