Obama Caught on Mic: “I’m Scared of My Wife” (Video)

Obama did not know he was being recorded while speaking to Maina Kiai, a U.N. human rights Special Rapporteur.  He said he has not had a cigarette in “6 years” because he is “scared” of Michelle.

Via the Atlantic Journal Constitution:

OBAMA: “I hope you’ve quit smoking.”

MAINA KIAI: “Sometimes.”

OBAMA: “No, no, I haven’t had a cigarette probably in six years. That’s because I’m scared of my wife.” (Via Politico)

Obama was speaking to Maina Kiai, a U.N. human rights Special Rapporteur. And as with all great candid comments, he likely didn’t know he was being recorded.

Politico had some fun with the president’s remark, saying: “No one is exempt from first lady Michelle Obama’s health initiatives – especially not her husband.”

Others took issue with the president’s timing, saying he may have exaggerated by a few years. (Via Buzzfeed)

A 2011 Washington Post interview with Michelle Obama revealed the president smoked until at least 2010.



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