Obama: Attack of the Reptile Brain

Remember back in 2010, when the professor in chief went on “The View” to tell us how our brains work?  Obama said,  “What is still true is that there is –  still kind of a reptilian side of our brain.”

Reptilian brain?  Here’s what one of Obama’s fellow liberals said about it back when wars were bad because Dick Cheney started them:

” . . . there’s the most primitive of our brains, sometimes referred to as the “reptilian brain” because we share it in common with reptiles like alligators and komodo dragons. The reptile brain has a singular focus: survival. It doesn’t think in abstract terms, and doesn’t feel complex emotions. Instead, it’s responsible for fight-or-flight, hunger and fear, attack or run. It’s also non-verbal – you can stimulate it with the right words, but it operates purely at the level of visceral stimulus-response.” The title of the article was “Cheney Speaks to the Reptile Brain.”

Today, we learn Obama is trying to do what liberals accused Cheney of doing.


Jake Tapper and Mariano Castillo report that Obama is showing disgusting and gruesome videos to key senators to get them to vote for a war with Syria:

Tapper and Mariano point out the obvious:

“While the videos are hard to watch, they do not prove who is responsible for the attack, nor do they provide an answer for whether military strikes are the correct course.”

Obama wants votes for war.  Rational argument isn’t working.  So he’s trying to trigger the “Reptile Brain.”  Exactly what liberals accused Cheney of doing.

Just when you thought Nobel Peace Prize Winner Barack Obama’s effort to attack Syria, led by war protestor John Kerry, could be no more ironic.

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