NRA Breaks All-Time Fundraising Record, And It’s Only September

2nd Amendment

Photo: Associated Press

Not only is Obama the best gun salesman of the century, but he’s also the best supporter of the NRA.   NRA fundraising in 2013 has already grossed over $50 Million, making it a record year.  And it’s only September.

Breitbart News reports,

The NRA’s “Friends of NRA” campaign has raised a record breaking amount of money so far this year. “Friends of NRA” is one of the group’s grassroots efforts, sponsoring volunteer events and fundraising banquets around the country.

According to Richmond’s, the program has already raised $51 million, with “more than 200 fundraising events left in 2013.” The amount raised in the first eight and a half months of 2013 is already $1 million more than the entire amount raised in 2012.

What does this say to gubernatorial candidates like Terry McAuliffe, who openly pledge to put Colorado-like gun controls in place if elected?

And what does this portend for pro-gun control Senators who have been fortunate enough to be elected in anti-gun control states? Senators Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kay Hagan (D-NC) come to mind.

The Liberal overreach backfired.  Americans don’t like it when their 2nd Amendment is threatened.  Ask two Colorado state senators how it worked for them.

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