Neighbors Block New Home for Injured Double-Bronze Star Afghanistan Veteran “It won’t look right”

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Miserable, self centered, self righteous, ungrateful miscreants with a herd mentality. To have a neighbor who has risked his life in the line of duty would be a comfort to me knowing that if me or my family were ever in trouble, this brave man would surely defend us. Shame on all who are bringing misery and unhappiness to this deserving family…shame, shame, shame!

He may have served two tours in Afghanistan protecting the freedom of his nation, but double-Bronze Star veteran David Wood has returned home only to battle ungrateful NIMBYS.

Gifted a charitable home through the efforts of his local congressman, Aaron Schock, for his wartime efforts, Wood, who has lost the hearing in one ear was told that the property plans for his family’s house were opposed by his potential neighbors.

Indeed, an unidentified cabal of neighbors in the Peoria suburb of Morton, Illinois, has clubbed together to oppose his wooden home saying quite clearly, not in my backyard.

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