More Common Core Approved Pornography Coming To A School Near You

By Rachel Pulaski

dreaming in cuban

Last month we reported on a book recommended by the Common Core curriculum titled, “The Bluest Eye” which has been the center of controversy.  The book depicts detailed accounts of incest, rape and pedophilia written through the eyes of the pedophile for the purpose of sympathizing with the him.  Last month a teacher spoke out about another Common Core approved book titled, “Mother of Monsters” in which a woman repeatedly binds her belly with boards in order to give birth to deformed children to sell to a sideshow.  This curriculum is mandatory for 13 and 14 year old children and the teaching module must include a comparison with To Kill a Mockingbird on “how individuals demonstrate individuality in the face of outside pressures.”

Now Parents of a sophomore class at Buena High School in Sierra Vista, Arizona are outraged by the content of a book called “Dreaming in Cuban” by Cristina Garcia.  The book was assigned as mandatory reading to the entire sophomore class as part of the Common Core curriculum.  The parents are outraged not only because the children must read the book but because the students are being forced to read this pornography out loud in class.  The controversial excerpts of the book can be seen here, they include detailed sexual acts with violence and demoralizing behavior from the male character.   Some are saying this curriculum is being used as a marketing tool for these authors.

EAG News reported:

By directing teachers and students to the interview with Cristina Garcia, it is easy to see that Common Core becomes basically a marketing tool to launch Cristina Garcia’s latest book – King of Cuba – which undoubtedly has more pornographic, raunchy, inappropriate, lascivious, prurient, and sexualized language in it.

Common Core recommends that teachers teach many multicultural, politically correct books and gives teachers and students web links to authors’ sites, thus influencing students to purchase more books by these same authors.

With Common Core demanding that teachers teach informational text from 50% to 70% of the time, the time-honored, character-building classics will be dropped because they take large blocks of time to teach.  In their place, offensive, sexualized books such as Dreaming in Cuban will take over students’ classrooms (and their minds).

Not only are such books highly offensive to those who hold traditional values (e.g., belief in personal responsibility, self- discipline, respect for authority, self-control, a solid work ethic, respect for other people, traditional marriage), but they also serve a purpose for those who are trying to indoctrinate this and future generations to hate America and to trash American exceptionalism.  A steady diet of portraying ethnic/racial characters always as victims and saturating these books with gutter language is bound to warp students’ minds.

UPDATE: Sierra Vista High School has now pulled the book after a parent  removed her child from the school. Other private and public schools still choose to follow this curriculum.

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