Michelle Obama’s Healthy Eating Failure: Releases High Fat Cookie Recipe And Campaigns To Help Failing Girl Scouts

Michelle Obama

Since Michelle Obama launched her campaign to get us stupid Americans to eat healthy, she has taken credit for the so called “cultural shift on how we live and eat” through rap music videos, and silly hula hoop commercials. Despite her pathetic effort, which includes scolding Hispanic children for being “more obese” and “less active,” 4 out of 5 African American women are still overweight.

Touting that poor nutrition and obesity is a “national security issue“, Michelle Obama promoted two tracking programs for monitoring the private information and personal behavior of Americans:

* Her “Choose My Plate” initiative encouraged the Department of Agriculture to step in and track our children with bracelets to monitor their eating habits and enter the data on a government website called “Super Tracker“.


* In 2010, Michelle reported that the government will be taking an “unprecendeted step” through Obamacare by making doctors track your BMI and will encourage doctors to prescribe medications to children who are “overweight”.

But, in a reversal of her own healthy lifestyle preaching, Michelle recently released her “perfect Halloween cookie recipe” that calls for three sticks of butter, and has, also, launched a campaign to save the cookie producing Girl Scouts of America, who is struggling with revenue shortfalls and deficit pensions.

KOLO8 News reported:

With an assist from Michelle Obama, the Girl Scouts of the USA is launching an unorthodox recruitment campaign this week aimed at reversing a steady decline in participation by girls and adult volunteers.

Instead of placing ads on TV and in newspapers, the decentralized campaign will unfold in neighborhood initiatives and on social media as local Girl Scout councils target elementary-school girls with promises of adventuresome fun.

The first lady is pitching in with a video lauding the Girl Scouts and urging adults to be volunteers.

The campaign launch follows a trying stretch for the Girl Scouts, who celebrated their centennial in 2012 but have confronted multiple difficulties this year. These include a deficit-strapped pension plan and revenue shortfalls that prompted buyouts and layoffs at the head office.

Maybe Girls Scouts of America shouldn’t anger half of the parents paying attention.  Their support of Planned Parenthood, Pro Abortion conferences, and promoting the Liberal spin of global warming and filtering media messages through uber-Liberal Media Matters are extreme and offensive to many.  But, since that’s their direction Michelle Obama is a perfect fit.

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